Exemples de projets

  • Simulation Modeling of Offshore Offloading System for Arctic Oil and Gas Condensate Field
    The Novoportovskoye oil and gas condensate field is located in the Yamal peninsula and owned by Gazprom Neft, the fourth largest oil producer in Russia. Oil from the field is transferred via 100km pipeline to the sea terminal at Cape Kamenny, where it is loaded into arctic cargo tanks for further transportation. The main issues in planning tanker transportation in an arctic region are the harsh ice environment and difficult sea conditions.
  • Preventing “Bus Bunching” with Smart Phone Application Implementation
    In public transport, bus bunching refers to a group of two or more transit vehicles (such as buses or trains), which were scheduled to be evenly spaced running along the same route, instead running in the same location at the same time. Dave Sprogis, Volunteer Software Developer, and Data Analyst in Watertown, MA, used AnyLogic to confirm his thesis that preventing "Bus Bunching" would improve the experience of public transit bus riders.
  • Research of Traffic Flow in the Transport Hub of Volokolamskaya in Moscow
    The Moscow subway station and transport interchange, Volokolamskaya, is situated in the northwest part of town. The main road traffic in the area comes from the neighboring districts and the suburban parts of the Moscow region. ITS Consulting was contracted to test the efficiency of the planned roadway network during the peak traffic hours (morning and evening) with due regard to perspective increases of traffic within a timeframe until 2025.
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning: Minimizing Gridlock and Improving Public Safety
    A typical rush hour impedes the mobility of individual vehicles and significantly slows the overall flow of traffic. This phenomenon is compounded by events of mass mobilization, such as during an evacuation due to a hurricane or other event. When this occurs, traffic can reach a state of gridlock. ITS researchers sought to understand how public safety could be improved during such events by incorporating communication among a percentage of the vehicle population.
  • Supply Chain Design for Vaccine Manufacturer
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was the world’s sixth largest pharmaceutical company in 2014. The company was launching a new vaccine product on a new market that needed a distribution network different from what they had before. Therefore, the company needed to design a new supply chain and align manufacturing processes with it.
  • Développement du réseau d’entrepôts
    Eldorado Company, un immense réseau de revendeurs d’électronique en Russie, avec des magasins dans 350 villes, avait besoin de déterminer le nombre optimal d’entrepôts, ainsi que leur localisation, afin de mieux répondre à la demande des consommateurs et de minimiser les dépenses de livraison et de stockage.
  • Optimal Decision Making in Logistics
    One of the largest beer manufacturers in Eastern Europe faced a logistical challenge most manufacturing company’s face, high transportation costs. The company’s plan was to decrease distribution and transportation costs from the plant to suppliers and ultimately lower costs for their customers.