Exemples de projets

  • Improving Mining Outbound Logistics with Agent-Based Simulation Modeling
    One of the largest resource companies in the world, with over $80 billion in sales, decided to enter a new market. It was planning to build a new potash mine with 90% of the resources exported. They wanted to design a reliable supply chain, with a high speed of supply replenishing, and the ability to recover from natural disasters and man-made crises benefiting from such volatility. Amalgama and Goldratt companies contracted this project to design the potash mining operations and a full supply chain of outbound logistics.
  • La centrale métallurgique Tcheliabinsk utilise un modèle de simulation d’atelier de fonderie électrique d’acier
    The model simulates the redesigned ground environment and production processes of the shop floor to be renovated. This is one of the significant examples of simulation modeling technology appliance in metallurgical industry.