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designing reverse flows and loops in discrete event simulation model, question is to determine how to implement reverse flows and loops in "Queue" object and "Service" object in process modeling library (AnyLogic7)
Здравствуйте! Anylogic Users!
I am looking at the discrete event simulation model demo on AnyLogic 7 that has customers coming in to ATM and Bank tellers and have the following questions:

1. If a customer, after visiting ATM, decides to join the bank teller queue --> how to model this in AnyLogic 7
2. If a customer, after visiting ATM, decides to join the ATM queue (to withdraw more money) --> how this can be modeled in AnyLogic 7

Appreciate your responses! Xaroševo dnja!:)
Hello Pavan!
1. You can use selectOutput block, in which customer makes a decision. For instance, true exit leads to “service” block, false — to sink.
2. The implementation is the same, but leads to "queue".

If you want to define the decision depending on the customer’s attributes, you can create the custom type of customer: You can change attributes of agent in code fields of blocks (“On enter” etc.), so when he enters in selectOutput block second time, the decision may be another.

Have a nice day!:)
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