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process modelling library, How to build a production flow with two stocks?
Dear all,
I am a german student and I have a problem building a model.
1. I would like to build a production flow with two stocks using process modelling library under my agend Produktion.
I just want to move 450 products per day from the first stock (HFE) into the orther (FE). Of course the HFE-stock should be minimized by these 450 pieces and the FE-Stock should add these 450 products to its stock.
So I have two Agents called HFE and FE. These are the products. And under the Agend Produktioin I have two Resource Pools (HFE and FE) for these products.
My process modell contains source (agent: HFE), seize, queue, delay, moveTo, release, sink. In Source I entered the Arrival rate 1 per day. I've put in seize, queue and delay a capacity of 450.
Is this the right process flow to build this production flow?
It doesn't count the way I want. I want it to count 450, 900, 1350... but it does packages which entail 450. So it counts 1, 2, 3 ....
How can I change the counting?
2. Then I want to update an event called BedarfBerlin only if the Resource Pool HFE is higher than 1000. How do I have to write the contdition so that it works?
At the moment I wrote HFE > 1000. Is this correct?

Thank you in Advance.
Hello Sophia!
Did you receive me letter with answer to the second question?

Regarding to the first question:
I suppose you confuse the resource units and entities in a process flowchart. Units inside resource pool are not consumable, they are seized by entities and released. Pool capacity may be constant or depend on schedule or changed manually.

So, the stocks should be represented as Queues, and resource units should be used, e.g., for transporting or processing. Queue size is returned by size() function as well for monitoring size. For feeding queues at model start call source.inject(int n) in On Startup code box (e.g., source.inject(450)).
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