Material Handling Library Tutorial: AGV, Cranes, and Conveyors

AnyLogic Help has a new tutorial: Lead Acid Battery Production (Material Handling). By following the tutorial, you can learn how to model material handling processes using AnyLogic’s specialized Material Handling Library. The tutorial explains step-by-step how to create a model of a lead-acid battery production line. The model includes path-guided and free-space automatic guided vehicles (AGV), conveyors, and cranes.

The tutorial teaches how to:

  • simulate conveyor lines, processing, and assembly stations
  • set 2D and 3D object animation
  • imitate the work of forklifts and industrial cranes
  • create and configure custom process diagram blocks
  • set objects to change color dynamically

You can find the Lead Acid Battery Production Model tutorial in the Tutorials section of AnyLogic Help. To find it, you will need AnyLogic 8.5 or access to the online AnyLogic Help. We recommend the tutorial for everyone who models in AnyLogic, even if you are already familiar with the Material Handling Library.

Here is an example of the model running in the cloud:

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