Strategic Planning of Logistics for Offshore Arctic Drilling Platforms Supported by Simulation

One of the biggest oil & gas companies is planning to develop a network of 7 drilling platforms in the Arctic Ocean by year 2042. During the strategic planning of logistics the following questions arise: How many supply vessels should be bought and when? Should we rent floating oil storage? What size of onshore supply base should we build? The price of any mistake is very high: purchasing an unnecessary supply vessel can result in multimillion losses, and the lack of tankers can lead to emergencies with platforms and even oil spills. An agent-based simulation model in AnyLogic has been developed to support strategic planning of logistics.

The simulation replicates the process of operating different logistic network designs and considers multiple significant factors like disruptions caused by weather, the queues of vessels at ports and platforms, vessel dispatching rules and others. The model has an interactive animation which is used to additionally check the modeling logic and present the simulation to top management. The model is a standalone application which loads all its input data from MS Excel files and can be further used by company management to support decisions during strategic planning of logistics.

Number of PSVs required to maintain 99.5% supply service level

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