AnyLogic Conference 2012

December 13
Berlin, Germany

Сonference program

Video Presentation Industry Organizaton pdf

Planning and Optimization of Highly Automated Production Lines with AnyLogic and the InFrame Synapse Simulation Suite: Challenges and Solutions (Flaviu Feier) Manufacturing Centrotherm_photovoltaics.png

Challenges and simulation based solutions in the volatile semiconductor supply chain environment (Hans Ehm) Supply Chain infineon.png

Simulation modeling applications in the Healthcare industry. Part I (Stefan Bengtsson) Healthcare

Simulation modeling applications in the Healthcare industry. Part II (Stefan Bengtsson) Healthcare

Modeling Bank’s back-office processes (Luigi Geppert) Business Processes fair_banca.png

AnyLogic pedestrian simulation for public buildings: museums and terminals (Vladimir Kotchanov) Pedestrian Simulation SETEC_al.png

Modeling Rail Yard Capacity (Martin van Holten) Transportation evans_peck.png

Unveiling AnyLogic 7: features and enhancements (Andrei Borshchev) Simulation Software AnyLogic.png

Simulation based production planning in a multitask/multistage yacht manufacturing process (Luigi Manca)
Manufacturing fair_dse.png

Optimizing existent French railways for fret and containers transportation: simulation based solution (Anatoly Zherebtsov)
Manufacturing AREP_AL.png

Passenger Flow Simulation at Frankfurt Airport (Flaviu Feier) Pedestrian Simulation Fraport

Forecasting demand for a vehicle market (Anatoly Zherebtsov) Marketing AnyLogic.png

Modeling mechanical tunneling process (Tobias Rahm) Engineering RUB_Simplan.png

Simulation based decision support system for Argentina’s telecom market (Pablo Podnguez Valera) Marketing ContinenteSiete.png

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