Webinar: COVID-19 Mass Vaccination — Simulation, AI Application and Real-World Implementation

Different methods are needed to vaccinate millions of people quickly and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, drive-through vaccination facilities are widely applicable, and a simulation model is helping public health agencies plan, design, and implement drive-through vaccination facilities.

This webinar will show how a mass COVID-19 drive-through vaccination simulation was developed and applied in the real world. The webinar will also include insight into the development of the simulation's machine learning model and online application.

Webinar agenda:
  • Introduction to COVID-19 vaccination challenges
  • Options for mass vaccination and the role of simulation in planning, design, and implementation
  • Drive-through simulation components
  • AnyLogic Cloud and AI Model of the drive-through simulation
  • Drive-through online application
  • Drive-through implementation case studies
  • Q&A

Find out more about how simulation and artificial intelligence together make a powerful combination in our white paper.

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